Jobs or Money Making Opportunities You can Work as Full Time Part Time and Self employed

When it comes to choosing and deciding a career path, it can be very tricky and confusing. Ideally we ought to go for jobs that we love to do, high pay, less stress and easy work load. Unfortunately this type of dream job never existed. Even if there is such a so call dream job, it won’t be long term. Usually the dream job lasted only one night and vanishes once you wake up. Especially during sluggish economy, many of us only hope that work is always available and paid will continue to come in. Instead of pursuing a dream job, it will be better to go for a job has the flexibility to switch between full time, part time and self-employed. As long as you are good in your work and the market always has a need of your skills, you don’t have to worry about running out of jobs.

So, what kind of jobs fulfills the above criteria as a practical job that has the flexibility to switch form full time, part time and self-employed?  Check out the blog post title “Six High-Paying Contract Jobs” from career advice Monster. You’ll find six examples of freelance jobs which pay better and have the opportunities to get offered full time job.

The six examples of freelance jobs are:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Database Administrator
  3. Physical Therapist
  4. Systems Administrator
  5. Web Developer
  6. Heavy Equipment Operator

As you can see one of the examples is web developer. This is the kind of job which you can learn it by yourself without having to take on any courses. All the information that you need to learn about web development can be found online. You just have to work hard and spend time to learn and practice. Besides you have the flexibility of time and working environment to take on the work of web development. It is the kind of job that will not affect and disturb much of your primary full time job.



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