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There are only two steps to create a good blog post

Blog post is actually a place to voice opinion and thoughts. If you are stacking up a lot of facts, data and graph, it will become a technical report rather than an interesting place for peace of mind. Unfortunately if you are trying to make money online via blogging, you have to mix some facts, […]

What to do with the moments that you identify?

Now that you are able to identify and determine the moments that you like to blog, the next question is what you are going to do about it. Check out the blog post title “Acting On Your Moments: Five ways to go from knowing your users’ moments to winning them” on Google Inside AdSense. The […]

The things that you need to do before blogging

One of the things which most bloggers talk about is running out of ideas or topics to write. It is normal phenomenal especially if you are trying to write at least a blog post a day. If you are not doing something to feed your brains with information, eventually you will run out of topics […]

It is not that easy to do something different compare to other bloggers

It is true that if you are trying to increase traffic, the best way is to do something different compare to other bloggers. But the thing is not everybody knows the so call different. In fact it might be difficult to identify the so call something different to do. So if you are currently cracking […]

The Anatomy of Content Marketing

Creating good quality content is one of the main criteria to pursuit for money making opportunities online. Regardless if you are building a mobile site, website or a blog, creating good quality content will help to generate income from advertising, product selling or providing service. Check out the infographic below for the anatomy of content […]