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Google now connecting companies and job seekers

It is actually a predictable step taken by Google as Google starting to expand their web into other territories. Google started off with simple search engine but has begun to grow into a huge company which involves in various products. Now that Google has a strong financial status, the company is starting to buy other […]

Emotional intelligent might affect your success in making money online

We are not machine or computer which can continue working 24 hours per day without rest. We are simply human. As human, we are imperfect. Regardless of how good we are in our work, our emotion will affect our performance at some point. Those who have achieved success certainly acquire certain level of emotional intelligent. […]

Looking for Extraordinary job?

If you are having difficulties finding job, perhaps you are just being picky. Or perhaps you just don’t know where or how to look for a job. If you are willing to take on any job for the money, check out the 18 extraordinary jobs introduce in the infographic. Perhaps you might find something which […]

Bosses with unusual team building ideas are fun and interesting

Work is boring. This is the most common complain that employees often talk about. If you are trying to keep talents and avoid employees from jumping ship, you need to come out with interesting team building as a boss. Check out the infographic below for the unusual team building methods of famous bosses. I suppose […]

How long should we be working in a day?

Currently most of us are working 40 hours per week. Basically it is a 9 to 5 daily job with 8 hours of working time per day. That is basically the time which you will be spending in the company when you are working. If you are an entrepreneur or be your own boss, there […]