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How to master meetings?

I hate meetings. This is probably because most of my meetings always last more than 20 minutes. That is why I always excuse myself before the meetings ended. Sometimes I have to sneak out from the meetings when there is an emergency issue which requires my attention. Although I very much wanted to improve the […]

Do not take on jobs that do not require thinking

If a job doesn’t require you to think too much, there is no future in it. Especially if the job is just a plan simple repeated process, don’t take it unless you desperately need the money for food and shelter. Most of these jobs will soon be replaced by machine or robots because it doesn’t […]

Try not to make yourself too busy

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online, try not to make yourself too busy. Actually you shouldn’t make yourself too busy regardless of what you are doing. Although sometimes everything might come together at the same time, a short period of time being busy is acceptable. You want to avoid being too busy […]

How do you get into the mood of working?

Monday usually is the most difficult day to work. After a long weekend off, it can take a while to get those engine started for work. Thus most people go easy on Monday and try to adjust their mind and mood to work on the next day. I’m not saying that people won’t be working […]

Music can increase your productivity at work

Sometimes it can be boring when pursuing for money making opportunities online alone at home. The peace and quiet might be good for making money online or writing blog posts, but it can also create a sleepy moment. Your body and mind might be working slower than usual if you are tired and feeling comfortable […]