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Will your job be replace by a robot?

If you are thinking that it is too early to introduce robot into our daily life, perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to the changes of technology lately. There are already many types of robots working beside us. The robot which I’m referring to is not like the movie “Transformer” where vehicles transform into robots. […]

There is no point having an app or site if you are not there for the audience

It is known that small businesses can gain benefits by getting an app or site. Small businesses are able to introduce and promote their business without having to spend a lot of money. Customers are able to obtain latest news from businesses without having to visit the shop personally. Small business owners are able to […]

How do we get more things done by working less?

We can be a very busy person by doing a lot of work. But that does not mean that we are able to get a lot of things done. In other words it is not efficient. It is a waste for company if you are claiming over time but still unable to get things done. […]

Stay productive when you are tired?

Although it is advice to rest when you are tired, sometimes we just don’t have the luxury to do so. Especially when you are rushing to complete your work within instructed limited time, you just can’t stop until you finish the job. So how to stay productive and complete your work when you are tired? […]

Guide to write Work or Business related email the right way

Everybody knows how to write an email. But if you are trying to write an email which is related to work or business, it is a whole new world which is totally different from what you are emailing your friends. You are not just going to write an email which people can understand but you […]