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You will work harder when you have a need of money

Desire is actually a good motivation if you are able to manage or control it. When you have a need of something, you will find ways to get it. If you have a need of money, you will try to make money using any method you know. Most of us will tend to work harder […]

Now is always the right time

If you are planning to pursuit for money making opportunities online, choosing the right time to work on it might be difficult if you are holding a full time job. There is always something going on which requires your attention regardless if it is about your personal life or job. If you are serious about […]

We encounter difficult people not just at work

Difficult people are everywhere. Work place is just one of the places which you need to deal with them. If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online, you will encounter difficult readers and customers. As long as you are not alone, some people will definitely give you a hard time. Learning to deal with […]

How do you maintain the energy for work every day?

Regardless if you are working, blogging or pursuing for money making opportunities online, you need energy to do all the stuff required. Obviously a healthy body is a must in order to maintain the energy required. This is why sometimes I tend to blog about health issue because it really does affect my daily blogging […]

How to work and deal with your bosses

I am sure that most of you have experience dealing with bosses. The first initial boss which most of us need to deal with is our parents. Technically speaking they are almost the same when comparing to companies bosses. It is very important that we learn how to handle and deal with our bosses. Especially […]