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How to create a viral video that make you money?

Honestly, there is no guarantee that a viral video can make you money. But having a viral video is one of the criterial needed to make money online. I suppose you just have to make as many viral video as possible in order to hit the jackpot. Check out the infographic below for 6 steps […]

Google Introduces New Interactive Guides for Video and Gaming Publishers but not Money Making opportunities

Money making opportunities via uploading videos and streaming games online have been introduced for some time. No doubt it is one of the most popular money making opportunities online. Most publishers who participate in this area are enjoying themselves while making money online. The fun part is always there as long as they love what […]

FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities online

YouTube is one of the most popular money making opportunities online websites that enable users to upload videos. Before the release of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet, users need to purchase a video camera in order to make their own video. Now anybody can upload videos any time and any place with just […]

Money Making Opportunities Online by Live Streaming Video on YouTube

One of things that I like to check online is YouTube live streaming channels. It is interesting because it is live and you get to watch lots of crazy events. Do you know that one of the featured live events is watching kittens 24 hours 7 days? Go to and check it out yourself. […]

Make use of Google to Pursuit for Money Making Opportunities Online

Lately there is couple of things that I notice when surfing online using Google search engine. It seems that YouTube video clips and Blogspot are getting higher ranking post. Just do a few searches online using some of the keywords that you are familiar with and you’ll find that some of the video clips and […]