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Do not rely solely on Google search engine for traffic

You need traffic In order to make money online successfully. Regardless of the type of money making opportunities that you are pursuing, you cannot make money if you don’t have traffic. While you are trying to create good quality content for your blog, you still have to spend some time working on the traffic. What […]

Can I still make money online blogging?

If you are thinking about pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging, the first question that you might ask is “can I still be able to make money blogging”. The answer is YES but it is not going to be as easy as it used to be. The basic concept is still the same […]

The Facebook Cheat Sheet to help pursuit for money making opportunities online

If you are thinking of making use of social media online Facebook to promote your business or pursuit for money making opportunities online, check out the Facebook cheat sheet below. Given the fact that Facebook is mostly for entertainment and fun, most Facebook users are not looking for products or shopping. If you are trying […]

Mobile site or blog is going to have lots of money making opportunities in 2017

According to the data from blog post title “How to optimize your AdSense ad placement for mobile users” from Inside AdSense, web traffic from mobile devices are increasing every year. No doubt the number of mobile users will continue to grow in 2017 too. If you are hoping to make money online, it will be […]

Trending keywords in 2016 that might be money making opportunities

It is almost the end of 2016. Each year in December we take a look at trendy Google search keywords which we might have miss. In other words, top keywords search which we fail to take advantage of. These are the keywords which might bring in a lot of traffic if you are able to […]