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The old fashion way of using business card still works

When I graduated from school and got my first job, the first thing that my company gave me is my business card. My initial respond is “Why don’t they just give me cash instead of cards to put in my wallet?” Yes, it is pretty annoying because these cards add weight to my wallet and […]

Do not underestimate simple general ideas to make money

When it comes to pursuit for money making opportunities online, we don’t need special great ideas to make money online successfully. Sometimes a simple general idea is good enough as long as it works. Take for example the simple business idea of selling fresh lemonade right in front of your house. This is probably one […]

Blogging can be very simple if you are just sharing your daily thoughts

Every day the moment we wake up in the morning, our brains will start functioning. Or perhaps some of us need coffee to really start waking up. We might be slow at the beginning but things will start moving smooth and faster when worming up. If you are told to blog about your thoughts every […]

You need to create a plan to sell when you created a product

Success doesn’t come easy when it involves business. Even if you are able to come out with a great product, you still need a good plan to sell it. In other words, there is a chance to become successful even if you do not own a good product but have a great plan to sell […]

Blog is like a story?

Blog is like a story. You just have to make it interesting enough for people to read. Blog is like a book. How do you make others pick up your book and start reading? Regardless of how interesting your book or blog is you have to create an impression on the front cover. People also […]