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There are always a lot of things to do as an entrepreneur

If you are currently not getting any work or job as an entrepreneur, it does not meant that you can take a break or not doing anything at all. There are still plenty of things which you can do. You might not be doing the work which directly makes money, but you need to lay […]

It is fun when you blog readers are from around the world

When your blog readers are from around the world, you get different responds from your blog post. Sometimes you will get unexpected request or question which you have no idea how to answer. This shows that regardless of how good or bad the blog post created, the respond from readers can be unpredictable. Does this […]

The Facebook Cheat Sheet to help pursuit for money making opportunities online

If you are thinking of making use of social media online Facebook to promote your business or pursuit for money making opportunities online, check out the Facebook cheat sheet below. Given the fact that Facebook is mostly for entertainment and fun, most Facebook users are not looking for products or shopping. If you are trying […]

What happens when Facebook VS Google?

Have you thought about the differences between Facebook and Google? The first thing that comes in mind when I think of Facebook is social network online. When I think of Google I think of search engine. Both seem to have nothing in common but they are actually constantly competing with each other over advertisers and […]

Things that you need to do after posting your blog post

Pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging is not just about creating good quality content. If you actually hope to increase your income or trying to make enough money to go full time, you need to do a lot more than just creating content. Right after you push the “publish” button, below are some […]