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How good is the future of mobile application development?

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online and still haven’t decide which field or area to dig in, perhaps anything related to smartphone or mobile apps will have a better chance to make money. Check out the infographic below for the future of the future of mobile application development. As the […]

Mobile marketing is a little bit different compare to desktop marketing

If you are already been doing online marketing for website or blog, it shouldn’t be a problem to perform mobile marketing too. The basic concept is about the same. But still there are some important points which you need to take care if you are hoping for effective results. First you need to make sure […]

When did you start using mobile banking?

It seems that mobile banking has become popular as more people starting to own a smartphone. Instead of going to the bank directly, people are relying on their smartphone for banking tasks. Thus many banks around the world are launching their own apps to cater for the increasing demand. Before you start installing and applying […]

Desktop website building strategy is not applicable on mobile site or apps

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online via mobile, you cannot apply desktop website building strategy. The reason is simple. Mobile users are just not the same as desktop users. The characteristic or mindset of mobile users is totally different. You will have to learn everything from the beginning in order to understand […]

The Bootstrapper guide to the mobile web

Check out the infographic on why you need a mobile site rather than a desktop website. If you are just starting to pursuit for money making opportunities online, it is better to focus on mobile field because that is the gold mine now. You will have a better chance to make money by creating a […]