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I see iPhone 8 as an opportunity to make money

While people around the world are eager to get a hold on the new iPhone 8, I see this as an opportunity to make money. In fact you can probably start a business around anything which related to iPhone 8. If you are hoping to make some quick money, you can help others to buy […]

You can learn a lot from Apple marketing strategies

You may not like the expensive price of iPhone, but you definitely cannot deny their success in smartphone market. No doubt iPhone is the most expensive smartphone in the world. But still they manage to sell their smartphone all over the world a lot. Most of their customers or users won’t even look at the […]

Video previews are good on mobile devices only if

No doubt video previews are good because it enables users to check out the content of the video briefly before jumping into it. But if the video previews are going to be on mobile phone, you might need to be careful because there is a big problem concerning this feature. Especially if you are using […]

Use your smartphone wisely and blog wherever you go

Thanks to the invention of smartphone, we don’t have to carry a big size computer around to blog. Although we have the option of using notepad, smartphone is still the best due to the small convenient size. We don’t have to stay at home in front of our computer to produce a blog post. All […]

How to market your mobile app internationally?

Language probably is the main obstacle when you are trying to market your app internationally. But if your app is built on English language, it should have a better chance of penetrating certain countries. Usually some users in the country who understand English will be the first person who tries out your mobile app. If […]