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Marketing message should be simple

Marketing message should be simple because it is the most effective way to get your message to your audiences. The marketing message can be the form of writing, video or picture. As long as you are able to convey the message to audiences, it is consider a success. Honestly it is difficult to determine if […]

This is the simplest way to be productive at blogging

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities via blogging, your first priority is to produce at least one blog post per day. Some people might find this an easy task but some may not. If you are struggling to produce a blog post per day, you need to start writing right away […]

Do not rely solely on Google search engine for traffic

You need traffic In order to make money online successfully. Regardless of the type of money making opportunities that you are pursuing, you cannot make money if you don’t have traffic. While you are trying to create good quality content for your blog, you still have to spend some time working on the traffic. What […]

Rejected by Google AdSense for insufficient content?

If you are trying to apply for a Google AdSense account, you need to submit a blog or site for approval. If your blog or site is new, you might be rejected by Google AdSense with the reason of ‘insufficient content’. Check out the blog post title “How to address ‘insufficient content’ disapprovals on your […]

What to do when your blog or site is taking a break

Once in a while your site or blog might need to go offline because of some technical issue or other reason. One of the reasons is that your blog or site is switching hosting services or need to move to a different server. Thus you might need to put up a sign that says “Site […]