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There is no point having an app or site if you are not there for the audience

It is known that small businesses can gain benefits by getting an app or site. Small businesses are able to introduce and promote their business without having to spend a lot of money. Customers are able to obtain latest news from businesses without having to visit the shop personally. Small business owners are able to […]

Are your blog ranking affected by Google Fred?

Google Fred is yet another search engine algorithm update that targets low quality content. That means if your blog or site is set heavily on SEO instead of providing good quality content, your blog or site might have a problem establishing a high search ranking. If you notice a drop of search ranking, you probably […]

Google Presents AdSense 101 which most people already know

I still remember the day when I try to apply for a Google AdSense account. Back in the old days, everything was simple and easy. Your Google AdSense account can be easily approved as long as you own a blog which is few months old. The next thing you have to do is try not […]

Google can punish your site if you do not manage your blog comments

Although you cannot control how others comment on your blog, you are able to delete those comments if you think they are inappropriate. You are actually responsible for the comments written on your blog. If any of those comments violate the terms and condition of Google search engine, Google will punish your blog. Check out […]

Marketing message should be simple

Marketing message should be simple because it is the most effective way to get your message to your audiences. The marketing message can be the form of writing, video or picture. As long as you are able to convey the message to audiences, it is consider a success. Honestly it is difficult to determine if […]