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It is fun when you blog readers are from around the world

When your blog readers are from around the world, you get different responds from your blog post. Sometimes you will get unexpected request or question which you have no idea how to answer. This shows that regardless of how good or bad the blog post created, the respond from readers can be unpredictable. Does this […]

Google latest quality improvements for search

We know that Google always improve and update their search algorithm. So don’t be surprise to find that one day the search ranking of your site or blog drops or increases. It is most probably Google is tuning their search algorithm. If you are hoping to get a better search ranking from Google, it is […]

Are your blog ranking affected by Google Fred?

Google Fred is yet another search engine algorithm update that targets low quality content. That means if your blog or site is set heavily on SEO instead of providing good quality content, your blog or site might have a problem establishing a high search ranking. If you notice a drop of search ranking, you probably […]

Is it really safe to use Google Cloud Search?

It is true that Google search engine has make our life easier in variety of areas. Especially for kids that are born after the invention of search engine, they are basically depending on search engine to get the information needed and to help solve their daily problems. What will happen if they are unable to […]

What is Crawl Budget and how does it affect publishers?

I think this is the question many publishers are trying to figure out. If you are trying to find the answer to this question, check out the blog post title “What Crawl Budget means for Googlebot” from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. Honestly, I still have no idea what is Crawl Budget after reading the […]