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You can blog about anything if you are able to relate it to your blog topic

It is interesting to write or blog if you have the imagination and creativity. You can actually write or blog about anything as long as you are able to present it in an interesting way which attracts readers. Even if your blog is focus on a specific topic, you can still blog about any other […]

Skill which every entrepreneur needs

If you are trying to determine which type of skill an entrepreneur needs the most, I will have to go with consistency and determination. In other words it is the will to keep on trying and doing regardless of how many failures. Although there are a lot of skills which an entrepreneur should have before […]

A blogger is no different compare to an entertainer

When I am trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online as a blogger, I always wonder if I am an entertainer. Although I might not be doing any dancing or singing, I am trying to attract audiences with words and articles I wrote. So I am just like any other story writers, script writers, […]

Back to basic when you are feeling burn out

Regardless of anything we are trying to do, it will come to a point when we are feeling burn out or tired. It is not because we are no longer love what we are doing. It is simply because we are getting bored and haven’t been experiencing anything different, happy or exciting lately. Usually when […]

Start making money online now and not tomorrow

If you are hoping to make money online, start now. Do not wait until tomorrow or when you are free. Once you start delaying, you will never start. This goes the same with any other things you are trying to do. You have to make it a habit to start now. Do not wait. Even […]