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How good is the future of mobile application development?

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online and still haven’t decide which field or area to dig in, perhaps anything related to smartphone or mobile apps will have a better chance to make money. Check out the infographic below for the future of the future of mobile application development. As the […]

How do you test your mobile site?

If you are trying to find some tools to check your mobile site, check out the blog post title “Introducing the mobile friendly test API” from official Google Webmaster Central Blog. You can make use the mobile friendly test API to check individual pages manually. You are able to test URLs using automated tools. This […]

The ultimate mobile page speed

If your mobile site takes more than 10 seconds to load, you should seriously take a look at your site and try to reduce the loading time. Loading speed affects your earning potential. According to the blog post tile “The ultimate mobile page speed infographic” from Google Inside AdSense, mobile sites that load within 5 […]

Mobile marketing is a little bit different compare to desktop marketing

If you are already been doing online marketing for website or blog, it shouldn’t be a problem to perform mobile marketing too. The basic concept is about the same. But still there are some important points which you need to take care if you are hoping for effective results. First you need to make sure […]

Google apps will deliver or receive your message when connection resumes

Have you ever experience connection lost while using your smartphone to surf online? The blank page with an icon keeps on making circle around and around without end. When the connection is back, the page continues to load again. If you are using Google apps, Google will resume your request and deliver results as soon […]