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Know the market before creating your mobile app

Regardless of how brilliant your idea of creating an app, it will fail if there is no market for it. Especially if you are trying to create an app which you hope to bring in a lot of income, an app which nobody buys will not survive. So when it comes to mobile apps design, […]

Mobile is the new trend in pursuing money making opportunities online

If your website or blog is not mobile friendly, you will be out from the game of making money online. Especially when it comes to Google search engine, your website or blog won’t make it to the top search ranking due to mobile first index. So if you are seriously trying to pursuit for money […]

The smartphone money making opportunities online

When you have a lot of people around you who are using smartphone, any products or services related to smartphone have the potential to sell like hot cakes. You probably have seen a lot of smartphone accessories shop around your area too. If you are thinking of joining the business and hopefully making some money […]

Ways to create marketing videos

One of the reasons marketing videos are so effective is because of the blooming of smartphone users. As the speed of internet usage increases drastically over mobile usage, smartphone users tend to watch videos often rather than reading blogs or articles online. I suppose one of the reasons is due to the small display screen. […]

Customers will be shopping online using smartphone for this Christmas

The number of smartphone users has been increasing a lot since Apple introduces the touch screen mobile phone. Almost everybody around the world owns at least a smartphone. It won’t be a surprise to see a smartphone users browsing through a catalog of products using his smartphone while traveling. If you are pursuing for money […]