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Ways to create marketing videos

One of the reasons marketing videos are so effective is because of the blooming of smartphone users. As the speed of internet usage increases drastically over mobile usage, smartphone users tend to watch videos often rather than reading blogs or articles online. I suppose one of the reasons is due to the small display screen. […]

You need to have at least one way to generate new customers

It is hard starting a new business. It is even harder trying to maintain the business you have started. If you are able to run your business for 2 years and still making a profit, it is consider a success. But that does not mean you can relax and pay less attention to your business. […]

Adding values instead of discount to your product or service?

What will you suggest if you are trying to increase sales for your product or service? Will you start a discount or sales for your product or service for a short period of time? Or will you try to add or increase values for your product or service? Which is a better idea? Starting a […]

Facebook is just one of the platforms to do video marketing

The work that you are required to do is not much different either you are marketing your videos on Facebook or other platforms. You can still be able to make money online successfully even if Facebook is not your first choice. The big question is which platform will gives you the biggest return given the […]

Facts which you do not know about mobile marketing

If you are planning to pursuit for money making opportunities online via mobile sites or mobile apps, you need to get your facts right. At least have a basic understanding about mobile marketing before you jump into it. You will have a better chance of success if you put in enough time and work researching […]