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The growth of artificial intelligent in e-commerce

It is true that artificial intelligent is helping e-commerce increases sales by providing a good service to customers. There are some work or tasks which are better perform by artificial intelligent than real human being. Especially those simple repeated exercises which need to be done daily, it is better off to let an artificial intelligent […]

The best franchise to consider in 2017

Honestly, I think there are just too many franchises available in the world. If you are trying to choose a franchise to invest, the best franchise might not be suitable. Especially if you are not trying to build your business in America but in foreign country, you need to do some homework before purchasing any […]

Can I still make money online blogging?

If you are thinking about pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging, the first question that you might ask is “can I still be able to make money blogging”. The answer is YES but it is not going to be as easy as it used to be. The basic concept is still the same […]

You can make money by learning how Millennials spend their money

Check out the infographic on how millennials spend their money to make statements. Base on the infographic, there is some money making opportunities which you can think of. The first idea that comes to my mind is tattoo. You don’t have to open a tattoo shop but can try to explore other businesses surrounding tattoo […]

When there is a problem there is money making opportunity

Problems exist everywhere, any time and in any place. When there is a problem, there is money making opportunity. If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, look for problems and try to solve them. When you are able to provide solution, you will make money. Depending on the type of solution […]