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Make it a must to blog instead of a hobby to blog if you are serious in making money online

When you make it a hobby to blog that means it is something that you do when you are free. It also means that you can opt not to blog given an excuse or reason such as not in a mood, too tired, lazy, busy, sleepy and no idea what to write. You are doomed […]

It is not much of a different between podcast and blog

If you are hoping to pursuit for money making opportunities online via podcast, it is basically not much of a different. In order to make money online successfully with podcast, you need to be unique. In other words you need to be different compare to other competitors. This is basically the same when it comes […]

How to start a blog that makes money online

Honestly, I think any blog can make money online. The big question is how much money you can make. But if you are trying to make money online via blogging and make it a full time or part time job, you will have to put a lot of effort and time into it. It is […]

12 Bloggers who make more than 10 thousand a month and how they do it

This infographic shows that everybody has a chance to make money online blogging. Although we heard that many people tried and fail, these people manage to pull it together and make money online successfully. Consider this as a motivation for those who are still trying hard to make money online. If you are pursuing similar […]

Holding a full time job while trying to make money online blogging might be the best

I think it is best to have a full time job while trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online blogging. Especially if you are just starting to make money online, don’t quit your full time job just yet. There are a few reasons and benefits to hold on to your full time job. At […]