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To Do or Not To Do About Selling Links

Selling links online is one of the most popular money making opportunities online that many bloggers practice. If your blog or website gains lots of traffic daily, each link can be sold more than hundred dollars every month. But please do remind that selling links online is against Google’s quality guidelines. Those who violate the […]

Choosing the right suitable links that point to our blog or website?

It is said that if your blog or website has a lot of links pointing back, it will increase page rank and put your site on the first page of search result. Few years ago the rules of the game is simple. We just have to increase the number of backlinks without considering where the […]

Using Free Gifts and Money Prizes to increase Blog or Website traffic

Paying money to gain traffic for business purposes is common online. One of the examples is by advertising online with Google. This method is actually expensive when you compare with other methods of gaining traffic. Although advertising with Google is expensive, the result of getting lots of traffic is undeniable. No doubt advertising online by […]

The Right way to Build Backlinks

As a blogger, one of the most important actions other than writing good quality content is building backlinks. Building backlinks can be very boring as the process is the same and repeated. If you do a search on building backlinks, you’ll find lots of website offering different ways to generate backlinks fast. Some of the […]

Money Making Opportunities with URL Shortening service Adfly

Money making opportunities at Adfly is simple. All you need to go is sign up and starts shorten links with Adfly. Instead of using the original links for your blog, social network, emails and other websites, use the shortened links. Ads will be shown before the shortened link loads. The more people click and see […]