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Virtual assistance might just be the easiest money making opportunity online

Anybody can become a virtual assistance as long as somebody is willing to pay for you to do the required job. You probably thinking that being a virtual assistance requires you to do a lot of things for example booking airline tickets, maintaining schedule, organizing notes, writing emails, compiling paperwork or basically doing everything your […]

How to become a Linkedin power user?

Honestly, I think you don’t have to become a Linkedin power user. You just need to be a regular user to take advantage of the professional social network. As long as you update your information and status on Linkedin often, employers will be able to browse through your resume regularly. I suppose that is the […]

Do not take on jobs that do not require thinking

If a job doesn’t require you to think too much, there is no future in it. Especially if the job is just a plan simple repeated process, don’t take it unless you desperately need the money for food and shelter. Most of these jobs will soon be replaced by machine or robots because it doesn’t […]

How to work and deal with your bosses

I am sure that most of you have experience dealing with bosses. The first initial boss which most of us need to deal with is our parents. Technically speaking they are almost the same when comparing to companies bosses. It is very important that we learn how to handle and deal with our bosses. Especially […]

How to prioritize your inbox to save time and energy?

One of the things we do when we go to work in the morning is checking emails. It usually gives us brief information of the things we need to complete on that day. It also informs us the things which occur when we are off yesterday. Especially if you are working in a company which […]