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The unusual habits of famous and successful people?

Honestly, some of the habits introduce in the infographic below might not be good and should not be follow or practice. Unfortunately human is the kind of species which have the tendency to do crazy things. I suppose this can be easily proven by referring to the history of humankind. Now that we have the […]

The rules of giving negative feedback

Feedback is always good regardless of positive or negative. The problem is not everybody can make good use of the feedback. A good positive feedback will not be taken seriously if not written well. A negative feedback will only generate anger if written without any consideration. Check out the infographic below for the 12 rules […]

Bosses with unusual team building ideas are fun and interesting

Work is boring. This is the most common complain that employees often talk about. If you are trying to keep talents and avoid employees from jumping ship, you need to come out with interesting team building as a boss. Check out the infographic below for the unusual team building methods of famous bosses. I suppose […]

The comparison between snapchat and Instagram

It seems that Instagram are more popular compare to snapchat. Check out the infographic below for the comparison between snapchat and Instagram. If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, perhaps you can try to offer services related to Instagram. One of the most popular services that you can offer is by […]