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You can learn a lot from Apple marketing strategies

You may not like the expensive price of iPhone, but you definitely cannot deny their success in smartphone market. No doubt iPhone is the most expensive smartphone in the world. But still they manage to sell their smartphone all over the world a lot. Most of their customers or users won’t even look at the […]

You can make money by focusing on the luxuries people cannot live without

The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at the infographic below is money making opportunities. Check out the infographic below for luxuries people can’t live without. If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you can try to pick a product or topic from the infographic below. Take […]

Are there any words which consider being boring?

Check out the infographic below for 28 boring words and what to use instead. In my opinion, words are boring because we do not know how to make full use of it. We as the person who wrote them are the problem. Words itself do not have boring issue. It is the person who uses […]

Ways to share your content on social media

Regardless of how good you are able to create your content, it won’t be generating any traffic if people don’t know about it. Thus you will have to learn a few ways to introduce and promote your content. You can start by checking out the infographic below title “20 creative ways to share your content […]

The early entrepreneurial spirit of famous business people?

It is not difficult to imagine how these famous successful business people are when they are young. Almost all of these people started to run a business when they are young. The stories of these successful people are currently told because they manage to turn out good and make a lot of money. Have you […]