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Always seek alternative opportunities and points of views

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Instead of thinking for ways to increase revenue, most entrepreneurs are actually struggling to survive. There are only a few entrepreneurs in the world that are making a lot of money. If you take a look at your surrounding and try to look for successful entrepreneurs, you might be […]

How do you get ideas and topics to blog?

I’m sure you too sometimes experience running out of ideas or topics to blog. It is actually a very common thing especially if you are always at home writing and blogging. The reason is simple. You are constantly focus on producing output but did not put in any effort on input. In other words, you […]

How do you produce a money making opportunity solution after identify a problem?

When there is a problem, there is an opportunity to make money. Frankly speaking, it is easy to identify and spot a problem. Coming out a solution for the problem is a much more difficult task. And if you are trying to make money from the solution created, it is way more difficult than coming […]

Examples of the moments that you can blog about

On my previous blog posts, we talk about the so call moments that Google AdSense explain in their blog post which we need to catch in order to find our audiences. After reading the blog posts, it gives me several ideas on the moments that we can blog about and make money online. I will […]

It is not that easy to do something different compare to other bloggers

It is true that if you are trying to increase traffic, the best way is to do something different compare to other bloggers. But the thing is not everybody knows the so call different. In fact it might be difficult to identify the so call something different to do. So if you are currently cracking […]