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A website or a blog is good enough to start your business

If you are just starting to build your business without much money, making use of anything which is free probably is the only way you have. Before you are able to do that, you need to know which methods are free. Compare to the old days, we now have the internet which gives us access […]

The word Free is not free but an attractive way to promote

Honestly, nothing is actually free if you think about it carefully. There is always a purpose, reason or intention behind the word free. Just look around and check out those so call free stuff or free service which you think you might be able to take advantage. Skype and Facebook are free to use. Actually […]

10 online marketing courses that you can learn for free

Getting good results in school is not the most important thing. As long as you are able to master the skill of learning and applying the knowledge gain, you have basically fulfil one of the main purpose of going to school. You cannot learn everything that you need from school. The world continues to evolve […]

Nothing is free and there is no such thing call free lunch

When you see the word free, don’t get too excited because the meaning which appears in your mind is not the same with the definition written. We know that freemium is a kind of marketing strategy by providing free services or free products in exchange of something in return. This so call something does not […]

Google First Click Free update

Honestly I have no idea how Google’s First Click Free works. But I do know that everything within involves money. Currently Google decided to update the First Click Free policy from the limit of five articles per day to three articles per day. The changes will be valid on both Google Search and Google News. […]