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The History of Advertising on Facebook

Do you know how Facebook begins? Do you know how much effort is done in order to get Facebook listed in the stock market? Check out the infographic below on the history of advertising on Facebook. It started out small but landed in the stock exchange. I suppose we will continue to see a lot […]

How to get more Facebook shares

One of the money making opportunities online that many people pursuit is having a lot of friends in Facebook account. The advantage of having a lot of friends in Facebook account is able to share things around fast to lots of people. In other words, you can make money online by sharing to thousands or […]

17 survival tips for Facebook marketing

Selling products on Facebook is not easy but the money making opportunities are there if you know what you are doing. A lot of people are making use of their Facebook account to sell products and services to make some money. It is a good part time job to make some extra money. But if […]

Few simple ways to draw traffic without relying on Google Search Engine

Create good quality content and wait for Google to bring in traffic can be frustrating sometimes. The problem with Google search Engine is that it takes time to deliver traffic to our blog or website. This is not helping especially when we are struggling with motivation. So while we are waiting for Google search engine […]

Example of a man making use of Facebook to become millionaire

Check out the blog post title “How A Man – Once Bankrupt And In Jail – Used Facebook To Become A Millionaire” from Yahoo News. Basically the man launces a site focus on fun and entertaining content. The site isn’t something special or unique. His success is due to the marketing strategy. In order to […]