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Organically market your brand on Instagram?

Honestly, I think you can market your brand any way you like on Instagram as long as it works. The basic concept is about the same as marketing on Twitter or Facebook. You just need to have a lot of followers. Instead of using words, Instagram is all about interesting photos or pictures. You just […]

Facebook is just one of the platforms to do video marketing

The work that you are required to do is not much different either you are marketing your videos on Facebook or other platforms. You can still be able to make money online successfully even if Facebook is not your first choice. The big question is which platform will gives you the biggest return given the […]

It is fun when you blog readers are from around the world

When your blog readers are from around the world, you get different responds from your blog post. Sometimes you will get unexpected request or question which you have no idea how to answer. This shows that regardless of how good or bad the blog post created, the respond from readers can be unpredictable. Does this […]

New businesses definitely need to go online to survive

One of the things which many new businesses are trying to achieve is to survive within the first 3 months. This is the first challenge or obstacle every new business needs to get through before starting to make profit. The struggle to survive starts right before your new business launches or begins. If you do […]