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Do you celebrate women entrepreneurs on International womens day?

Check out the blog post title “Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs” form Google small business. Honestly, I think there are too many days to remember. Here we are celebrating women entrepreneurs on International Women’s day. I wonder if there are international man’s day, international teen’s day, international baby’s day, international seniors’ day, etc. I think it is […]

Do we actually need to go college if we want to be an entrepreneur or start a business?

If I don’t have to worry about money, I will go to college before becoming an entrepreneur or start a business. Especially if I am still don’t know much about entrepreneurship and have no idea what kind of business I like to do, the best option is to college while trying to find out the […]

Is it easy to start a business?

Yes, it is definitely easy to start a business. The question is, are you able to make money successfully and how long can you maintain your business. Everybody can start their own business. If you are hoping to make a lot of money, no doubt starting your own business is the way to go. Unfortunately […]

What does a successful entrepreneur looks like?

Honestly I don’t think we can judge by just the appearance. But if that person really is a successful entrepreneur, I’m sure we can sense it from their personality and the way they handle things. The main topic in this post is that there are a lot of things we can learn from a successful […]

You earn more than just money being an entrepreneur

If you are hoping to make a lot of money without doing much work, perhaps entrepreneur is not the way for you. Getting a full time job and try to invest your money into various areas might be suitable for you. Owning a business or becoming an entrepreneur instantly put you to work 24 hours […]