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Anybody can write a book and sell it

If you are trying to make money online or trying to pursuit for money making opportunities, try writing a book. You can basically write anything or something which you are interested. Most people tend to write their own experience or biographic. Don’t worry if you are not good in writing or poor in English language. […]

You can basically sell anything as long as there is a demand

When there is a demand, there is a supply. This is basically what I remember when I attended my business class back in college. In fact this is the only thing that I remember from the class. I suppose I did learn something from the business class any way. Is it enough for me to […]

Simple Ways to Protect Digital Download or eBooks

When you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online by creating and selling ebooks, one of the things you might worried is having others stealing your ebooks. Although it is impossible to actually prevent digital thief, at least you can take some extra steps to make things harder or difficult to steal. Here […]

The best way to find and create products is within your blog

If you are trying to create a product to sell online, there is no other place better than to find inspiration within your blog. Especially if you are trying to create your first digital product, don’t try to sell it to the world. Take a smaller and simpler step by trying to sell it to […]

An Interesting Blog post of a Designer who Successfully launched the First eBook

I found an opportunity. My business is succeeding because it began with an understanding of customers. Apologizing and fixing the problem was not only the right thing to do, but it drove more sales by word of mouth. SEO and multivariate testing can’t do much if people don’t want your product. All the above sentences […]