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There are only two steps to create a good blog post

Blog post is actually a place to voice opinion and thoughts. If you are stacking up a lot of facts, data and graph, it will become a technical report rather than an interesting place for peace of mind. Unfortunately if you are trying to make money online via blogging, you have to mix some facts, […]

Listen to your audience when you blog

One of the methods to increase traffic is listen to your audience when you blog. The concept is basically the same as listening to people when they are talking. People appreciate when you listen. If you are not listening, people will feel annoyed and might even think that you are being rude. This is the […]

Changing a word in your old blog post is consider a big update for Google Search engine

If you are trying to refresh your old blog post, a small minor change of one word is considered a big update for Google Search Engine. So go ahead and update your old blog post as much as possible. All you need to do is read through your old blog posts and change anything if […]

You can always republish the same content again and again

One of the ways that you can do when you are running out of topics to blog is to republish your content again and again. The topics, ideas and content can be the same but you can mix it up with photos, videos and additional content to make it different and fresh. It won’t be […]

The quality of the content and quantity of the content

Every blogger struggles about the quality and quantity of their blog. If you are trying to increase the quality of your blog post, how good do you think you need to improve? How do you define it as a good quality blog post? If you are trying to increase the quantity of your blog post, […]