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Do you hope for the best or always preparing for the worst?

What type of person are you? Are you the type of person who hopes for the best or always preparing for the worst? Frankly speaking, I don’t really hope for the best. I will only do my best and preparing for the worst. Nobody can predict the future. Anything can happen even if you have […]

Be careful when taking on a business partner

If you are thinking that running a business will be easier by taking on a business partner, you might be making a big mistake. Check out the infographic below on what to consider before taking on a business partner. If possible it is best to run the business by yourself. Unfortunately due to the fierce […]

Do we actually need to go college if we want to be an entrepreneur or start a business?

If I don’t have to worry about money, I will go to college before becoming an entrepreneur or start a business. Especially if I am still don’t know much about entrepreneurship and have no idea what kind of business I like to do, the best option is to college while trying to find out the […]

The Immigrant Entrepreneurs behind major American companies

This infographic basically tells us that anybody can run business or becomes an entrepreneur. You too can become successful even if you are trying to build a business oversea or as an immigrant. The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your dream is yourself. Everybody have equal opportunity to become successful. The question […]

The growth of artificial intelligent in e-commerce

It is true that artificial intelligent is helping e-commerce increases sales by providing a good service to customers. There are some work or tasks which are better perform by artificial intelligent than real human being. Especially those simple repeated exercises which need to be done daily, it is better off to let an artificial intelligent […]