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Uber is not the only way to make money

If you own a car and hoping to make some extra money out from it, Uber is not the only way to do it. No doubt Uber can help to get some customers around your area, but there are still plenty of ways to generate income with your car if you know how to do […]

You can make money by focusing on the luxuries people cannot live without

The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at the infographic below is money making opportunities. Check out the infographic below for luxuries people can’t live without. If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you can try to pick a product or topic from the infographic below. Take […]

The old fashion way of using business card still works

When I graduated from school and got my first job, the first thing that my company gave me is my business card. My initial respond is “Why don’t they just give me cash instead of cards to put in my wallet?” Yes, it is pretty annoying because these cards add weight to my wallet and […]

It might not be that easy to make money with Uber

When Uber was initially introduce to the world, I heard a lot of stories about how people are making good money driving their own car. Some of them even quit their job and go full time. As the news about how easy and simple it is to make money with Uber spreads, a lot of […]

Do not underestimate simple general ideas to make money

When it comes to pursuit for money making opportunities online, we don’t need special great ideas to make money online successfully. Sometimes a simple general idea is good enough as long as it works. Take for example the simple business idea of selling fresh lemonade right in front of your house. This is probably one […]