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Several ways to gather content for your blog

Although it is very convenient to stay at home and research online for the content of your blog, it might not be a healthy way if you are planning to make money online blogging full time. Besides you might not be getting unique and fresh content because you are basically checking on the content created […]

It is fun when you blog readers are from around the world

When your blog readers are from around the world, you get different responds from your blog post. Sometimes you will get unexpected request or question which you have no idea how to answer. This shows that regardless of how good or bad the blog post created, the respond from readers can be unpredictable. Does this […]

You can make money by focusing on the luxuries people cannot live without

The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at the infographic below is money making opportunities. Check out the infographic below for luxuries people can’t live without. If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you can try to pick a product or topic from the infographic below. Take […]

Pay attention to details when you blog

One of the ways to produce blog content is by paying attention to details. Regardless of the type of topic that you are writing, a lot of content can be further expand by focusing on the details. Especially if you are trying to provide step by step instruction, detail explanation and instruction can help to […]

Competitors can actually help to push you to success

It is not a surprise to find yourself surrounding with competitors. Regardless if you are blogging or doing other businesses, competitors will rises if you are making good money. When we realize the existence of competitors, the first thing which comes to our mind is trying to find ways to beat them so that we […]