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Is there such a thing call good advertising ads for users?

If you think about it carefully, is there such a thing call good advertising ads for users? In other words, can the online advertising be improved until the acceptable level? Honestly I think it is very difficult. This question or problem has been around since the invention of television and radio. These platforms too have […]

Google is providing more advertising options for the mobile web?

It seems that Google is pushing harder on mobile advertising market. If you are hoping to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you should consider focusing on mobile related field. This is obvious because the number of mobile users already taking over the number of desktop and laptop users. It is practical to target on […]

Is Google really developing ad blocker for Chrome?

It is definitely feel strange when I heard that Google is trying to develop own ad blocker for Chrome. We know that Google makes money from online advertising and the last thing which Google wants is having users to block ads which make them money. So what actually triggers Google to have own ad blocker? […]

Small Business guide to Facebook Advertising

If you are planning to advertise on Facebook, check out the infographic below on “Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising” No doubt there are a lot of users in Facebook and the advertising fee is low, you will still need to do some homework in order to maximize the effect. It shouldn’t be a problem […]

Google is rolling out new AdWords experience

If Google is seriously trying to make AdWords relevant for the next 15 years, providing new powerful tools might not be enough. Check out the new blog post title “Discover the new AdWords experience” from Google Inside AdWords. If you ask me about the new AdWords experience, I’m sorry to say that I have no […]