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Google is rolling out new AdWords experience

If Google is seriously trying to make AdWords relevant for the next 15 years, providing new powerful tools might not be enough. Check out the new blog post title “Discover the new AdWords experience” from Google Inside AdWords. If you ask me about the new AdWords experience, I’m sorry to say that I have no […]

Getting to the right customers with Google display and video ads

No doubt Google AdWords is still the best to reach out to customers if you are able to invest some money on advertising. This can be true if you know what you are doing and able to operate Google AdWords properly. Usually most advertisers who successfully make a lot of money from Google AdWords tested […]

The money making opportunities online via advertising can be done in many ways other than blog

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via advertising by creating blogs and signing up with Google AdSense, it might take some time to actually see some money coming in. Creating content constantly every day and night can be very tiring. If you are hoping to try something interesting which also […]

Google fights bad advertising

Google makes a lot of money via advertising. If you ever try out Google AdWords, I’m sure you know how much money Google capable of making and the potential of making big money. In order to maintain and continue to make a lot of money via online advertising, it is crucial that Google keeps the […]

Take a seat in the live conversation event on the future of digital advertising

DoubleClick’s annual event on digital trends is now available live on Wednesday June 4th 2014. The time is set at 9:30 am PDT – 10:45 am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT – 1:45 pm EDT. Speakers include Jeffery Katzenberg (CEO of DreamWorks Animation), Nikesh Arora (Chief Business Officer at Google) and Neal Mohan (VP of […]