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Google AdSense is giving more control over the ads serve

According to the blog post title “More control over the ads you serve on your site(s)” from Google Inside AdSense, publishers are given more controls to opt-in or filter out certain categories of ads. In other words, publishers will be in charge of the ads display. Is this really a good idea? Well, personally I […]

Have you ever try driving sales with Gmail Ads?

Ads have been invading our online activities everywhere. This includes the free email service Gmail. When you send a Gmail to your friends, ads will be included when they open your Gmail. If you are thinking about using Gmail to drive sales, check out the blog post title “A new guide to driving sales with […]

Google Continues to fight bad ads sites and scammers

It is good that Google is trying to make the online world a better place by fighting against bad ads, sites and scammers. According to the blog post title “How we fought bad ads, sites and scammers in 2016” from Google Inside AdSense, Google took down 1.7 billion ads that violated their advertising policies in […]

Increase viewability of your Google AdSense ads

Yes, the term viewability is exactly what you think of. It is nothing special. Basically it means easy to look at or eyes catching. When Google says “increase the viewable impressions delivered by your site”, it means using a bigger size ads and place it above the fold of a web page. If your site […]

Why is Google AdSense introducing Ad balance?

According to the latest blog post from Inside AdSense title “Introducing Ad Balance – focus on your best performing ads”, the ad balance allows publisher to reduce the number of ads shown. It’s kind of strange for Google AdSense to introduce such feature. We don’t actually care about the number of ads shown. We only […]