Your Perfect Gift for Business Owner Might also be a Money Making Opportunity

Christmas is around the corner. I assume most of you already starting to enjoy the holidays. For those who are planning to make full use of the holiday season to generate lots of money making opportunities online, here’s a way that you can do it.

Check out the blog post title “The Perfect Gift for that Business Owner on Your List” from Google and Your Business. Now you have the chance to help small businesses in US to build a website and get their business online for free. Under the Get Your Business Online Program, small businesses in US are able to get an easy-to-build Intuit website, a custom domain name and web hosting free for a year. All you have to do is send these businesses a personal invitation through

Basically your job is to help these businesses get online by setting up their website. A year of FREE custom domain name and web hosting service should be enough to witness the increase of business and revenue. And if you did a good job of teaching and helping these businesses with their website, I’m sure they will be asking for your services again. Imagine if you are getting paid monthly to maintain and provide tips for 10 small business websites, does it sound good for you? This is just one of the possible outcomes. If you are able to help up 100 small businesses to setup their website and increase their revenue, you will be expecting a lot more money making opportunities.

P/S: Remember that everything is FREE for a year. Your knowledge, skill, time and effort are all it takes to generate money making opportunities. Make sure you do a good job if you plan to proceed with this idea.



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