You just have to discover and spot Money Making Opportunities within surrounding

Honestly, I think money making opportunities can be found all around us regardless of online or offline. You just have to be able to discover them. “The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.” This quote still remains in my mind and constantly repeating itself even after I watched the video clip lecture for so many days. If you like to learn more about the interesting video clip I’ve watch, check out my previous blog post title “The Art of Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Tina Seelig”

The reason I mention money making opportunities are all around us because I came out with several ideas to make money related to real estate while taking my car for service. Although real estate is not really my expertise or the field I’m interested, these ideas suddenly pop up in my mind while I’m waiting for my turn to service my car. I suppose my mind just can’t stop thinking about money making opportunities around us. It started off when I begin to think about my brother and uncle as civil engineers. As my uncle is going to retired from being a civil engineer, I was hoping to give some advice on some of the things he might still be able to do at his age after retired. I started off by thinking about the things that he can do to help others with his expertise. Given the fact that he has been a civil engineer for his entire career, he should be able to provide some good advice when it comes to real estate. The idea was for him to give advice on the things we need to check or take note when trying to look for a place to stay. Either it is a new house or a secondhand apartment, there are things that we need to consider before making any buying decision. I suppose a civil engineer should be able to tell if a house is good or safe to stay.

I started off with this simple idea and starting to expend every little things that a civil engineer can do. By the end of the day, I’m able to list out some of the things a retired civil engineer can do to make money. There are also several problems required to solve and the possibility of starting own businesses too. The possibility is there. The next step is to see if my uncle is willing to take on the challenge to do it or not.

P/S: I’m able to come out with this idea because I thought about my friends who are trying to purchase real estate. They wanted to get a house but worried about the bad condition of the house that they have no knowledge of. This is where my brother who was a civil engineer comes in. He is able to help my friends to avoid getting houses with too many problems. And furthermore he was able to provide practical advice on renovation too. It really saved a lot of time and money for my friends. Thus I think perhaps my uncle who was a civil engineer can do the same. Basically this is a simple money making opportunity that I think of by helping others solving the problems within when it comes to purchase real estate.



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