Simple Guide for Making Offline Business Visible Online

If you or your family is running an offline traditional business, here are some tips and guide which you can do online to help market or promote the business. Basically you are just making the offline business visible online. Once customers are able to find and locate the business online, it creates another window for business opportunity. Especially now that people are starting to use smartphone to find almost anything online, you have to at least make it easy for smartphone users to find your business. Here’s what you can do:

Claim and register your business profile at Google Places. This makes your business visible at Google maps. Smartphone users are able to find your business location when searching for related services or products. Try to complete your business profile as detail as possible so that it is easy for customers to decide and contact. You can also include pictures, videos or a site URL.

Create a simple website or blog. A free blog from will do just fine. Just describe the nature of your business. Remember to place the link at your Google Places. Basic information such as the nature of your business, address, contact number and business hours must be included. It will be best if you are able to include examples or experience of your business.

Make sure the website or blog created are able to view clearly through smartphone. The site doesn’t have to be fancy and fill with lots of flash or video clips. Simple wording information will do. The aim is to deliver information regarding the nature of your business. Try to update the blog or site once in a while. Simple articles explaining news or events about your business will be great.

P/S: It shouldn’t be too difficult doing all the above. You just need a computer with an internet access to complete all the tasks. Besides, everything is FREE and can be done within couple of hours.



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