Offering Online Services for Offline Small Business

Setting up Google places for business, sign up Facebook page, creating website, writing articles, blogging and building links are some of the online services which we can provide for offline small business. It may sound difficult and complicated. But if you are able to spend couple of hours daily learning about it online, all the above tasks mention can be done easily after months of learning and practicing. So why can’t offline small business owners try to learn and do it? Most offline small business owners are required to spend all their time and energy on their business because they don’t usually hire a lot of employee. They need to do every single task which relate to their business. Thus they don’t usually have the time, energy or the patient to sit in front of a monitor for hours to learn about online marketing. It is better to just let others do the online marketing services while they focus on their own businesses.

Since the 1st day that I started blogging, people are constantly coming to me asking about how online knowledge helps to improve their businesses. As the topic is within my field of interest, it usually ends up with me giving a full course of lecture with everybody listening quietly. At the end of the conversation or presentation, most of them decide it is better to just hire somebody like me to do the online marketing services rather than to do it themselves. There is only one goal or purpose when offline small business goes online. That is to bring more customers to their businesses. For most offline small businesses, the amount of customers gain determines their business existence. Especially for new offline small businesses which are just starting off, the first 3 months of business period is crucial as it determines their faith of survivability. Thus it is best to make use of online marketing services to gain as much exposure and customers.

Most business owners understand the importance of getting their business online. Business owners know that customers are using smartphone and tablets to surf for their needs and using Google map to locate businesses. Thus one of the reasons of getting businesses online is to target these groups of customers. There are a lot of online services which we can do and most of it can be done easily. But the question is how we make use of all the tools and services to connect the right customers to the right businesses. Take for an example Google Places for Business. All we need to do is pinpoint the location of the offline small business in Google map and customers will have the chance to discover it while surfing online. But if you are serious about offering online services, there are a lot more that you need to do in order to make sure that customer able to get to the businesses. When offline small businesses clam a Google Places for Business, it is not just about letting customers know the business location and making use of Google map to get to it. Customers might call, email or even write a review about the business. It is important to list out office number, smartphone number, fax number and email account. It is about making it convenient for customers to contact and find the businesses. Some businesses even consider placing Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and LINE id.

Part of the job that comes along while offering online services for offline small businesses is the need to educate and teach business owners how to make use of the online tools. That means the need to know how to use an email account, Skype or Facebook. Business owners need to use these tools so that customers are able to contact them easily. If it is too much to ask, at least the business owners can learn how to use the email services. Remember that when you are offering online services for offline small businesses, it is normal to find that most small business owners have very little knowledge about computer. Good services should be able to help bring in more customers while not making their normal routine work difficult. It is very important to place yourself within offline small business owners and think about the impact of the online services you provided. You don’t have to throw in every online marketing strategy to prove the value or effectiveness of placing a business online. One online marketing strategy is good enough if it helps bring in more customers without disturbing or creating problems to the business owner.



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