Making use of Reviews in Google Places to grow your business

One of the best ways to promote and introduce your offline business is by using Google Places. Especially if your business is new in town and you are looking for some free marketing strategy to help grow your business, Google Places is one of the tools which you should make full use of. Customers who uses Google map to search for their needs will eventually find your business if you have what they want. As Google Places is free to use, go ahead and list your business so that your business is visible on Google map.

Once you have secured a spot on Google Places, the next step is to try and convince customers that it is worth a trip to check out your business. The first thing that customers usually do is check out the particular, description and profile page of the Google Places. Once they determine this is the right business that they are looking for, next they will check out the reviews written by other customers. Currently Google Places for business has introduced a review section for customers to rate and comment about the businesses they visited. Try to get as many ratings as possible from each of the customers that visited your business location. Since you can’t prevent customers from giving a bad rating for your business, it is better to just focus on getting high number of ratings. A high number of ratings meaning lots of people have visited your business, and that’s a good reason for customers to check out your business. As for the bad ratings that you are getting, consider it as the things which need improvement. Make use of the reviews and respond to the comments. The interactive between you and customers has a great impact in convincing customers for a second visit. Especially if you are focusing on local customers who live close by to your business location, they will eventually drop by if they feel like it.

P/S: One method to increase the number of ratings is by offering a gift for customers who wrote a review. The gift can be coupons, discount rate or a souvenir which requires customers to come back and reclaim it. This way you’ll get lots of review written and customers will drop by your business for a second time.



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