Using Free Gifts and Money Prizes to increase Blog or Website traffic

Paying money to gain traffic for business purposes is common online. One of the examples is by advertising online with Google. This method is actually expensive when you compare with other methods of gaining traffic. Although advertising with Google is expensive, the result of getting lots of traffic is undeniable. No doubt advertising online by purchasing keywords using Google Adwords is very effective in obtaining lots of traffic instantly. But this method is only temporally. Once the online advertising stops, traffic stops. If you are trying to run an online business which requires a long term flow of traffic, you need to consider other options. You need free organic traffic. And this can only be obtain from search engine, social network and lots of links from blogs and websites.

The first and most important step of gaining organic traffic is by creating good quality content. Next is trying to obtain as many backlinks from social network, forums, blogs and websites. Usually people tend to link back to your blog or website if content is good and there are useful information or references. It is a bit slow if you just focus on creating good quality content and wait for others to link back. Or you can just purchase links or pay for others to link back. This method is not recommended because Google will penalize those who purchase links. Once your blog or website is blacklisted by Google, you won’t be getting much traffic from Google search engine.

Instead of buying links directly, it is better to just organize contest for getting links. The contest can be as simple as writing an article regarding your blog or website with a link back. You may also request participants to subscribe feeds, provide email, follow Twitter, like Facebook page and circle Google Plus page. Winner will be choose randomly and money as prizes. I’m sure you will get lots of participants if a hundred dollar prize is offered. Giving out money as prizes can be very attractive and able to get great results. But it is going to cost you a lot of money if you keep on organizing contests. Instead of offering money prize, you can also offer other free gifts such as discount coupons and Amazon coupons. Any free gifts, offers, tickets, programs and eBooks which you receive online can be used as prizes. Keep organize contests for few months or a year and you should be able to build lots of backlinks.



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