Updating SEO regularly to improve or maintain site ranking

Although we are advice to blog for readers instead of search engine, we still cannot ignore the important of SEO. We still have to pay attention to some of the basic strategies of SEO for better search ranking and traffic. Search engines are created so that users can find blogs, websites, pictures, videos, audios or any information online easily. The only way to search and identify particular information correctly is by using keywords. The more specific keywords provided, the much easier for search engine to pin point the correct result. In order to let users or search engine locate and find your site, it is very important to use names and topics specifically. Try reduce the usage of words like it, this, that, they, he, she, etc. Remember that users will not use words like “it, this, that, they, he or she” to search online. Users generally will type in specific name, topic or title to search for information. Keep this in mind when blogging and you will be able to construct blog posts or articles to be found online easily.

SEO must be done regularly in order to keep up with the search algorithm changes done by Google. Check out the official Google Search blog Inside Search at least once a month. You will find a list of updates or changes carry out by Google on their search algorithm. Edit and make changes on the SEO done on your site accordingly. Some of the SEO strategies perform previously might be outdated and become harmful. It is very important that you filer out previous SEO work which might bring down the search ranking.



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