Understand Twitter Before Making Full Use of the Online Social Network

One of the methods to draw traffic to our blog is through online social networking. Some of the popular online social networking website includes Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. In order to make full use of these online social networking websites, we need to understand and study their capability, benefits and of cause the downsides. Check out the blog post title “Things Twitter Won’t Tell You” from Yahoo Finance as it reveals some of the truth behind tweets.

Below are some of the points that I gather from the blog post:

  • It is the frequency and volume of communication that creates the impact, not the population. You can have thousands of followers easily but if they are not interested in your tweets and are not communicating with you, it’s just a waste of time.
  • You might be sharing more than just photos on Twitter. Sensitive Information like your current location and profile information might leak out if you’re not careful. This information might be embedded together with the pictures you take through your smartphone when you tweet.
  • The information that you tweet might be harmful to you. You have the right to tweet about anything, but still some information will get back to you in real life. If people don’t like what you tweet, you might be facing trouble in real life. We often heard people getting fired over the things they said on Facebook. This can happen on Twitter too.
  • No doubt twitter is one of the most popular tools to spread information and news fast. Regardless of good of bad news, once it is out online, thousands will receive the info within minutes. Mainstream media often becomes the one to confirm the news rather than the one breaking the news.
  • As news and information through twitter are not control or verified, it is hard to judge if the source of information is reliable or not. If you are thinking about ways to control or quarantine information online, it is almost impossible to do it. All it takes is one simple tweet within sec and the world will have the news instantly.

One of the reasons twitter is so popular is because of the blooming of smartphone usage. Twitter will continue to top the chart for few more years because the market of smartphone users is still expanding. There are still a lot of money making opportunities within Twitter as long as people continue to use it. You might discover a better way to make money with twitter if you understand it better.



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