Twitter twitter twitter, it’s all about twitter

twitterTwitter seems to be one of the hottest issues online lately. Almost all money making opportunities or make money online blog covers a post about twitter. Twitter started out quietly but comes back after bloggers learned that it’s a great tool to gain traffic. Honestly I miss that myself too. I sign up twitter long time ago but never really using it. After reading some of the blog post about the benefits of using twitter, I started to work on increasing my followers. That’s what I find out that twitter brings traffic like stumbleupon, digg or entrecard. Well, not entirely the same but it does bring certain amount of traffic. I’m not going to talk more about twitter as there are so many blog posts about it. Instead I’ll introduce 3 sites that contain twitter applications, twitter tools and twitter marketing book so that you can make full use of twitter.



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2 Responses to “Twitter twitter twitter, it’s all about twitter”

  1. Victor says:

    I’ve also signed up for twitter a few months back, and I still haven’t made use of these twitter tools. I just use it to keep updated about my colleagues online. But I will be using it to increase the incoming traffic of my personal blog.

  2. Kumo says:

    The key is just to use it. You’ll get traffic as long as you stay active using twitter.