Top 5 Benefits of Doing Guest Posts

This is a guest post by Anil Agarwal.

Concept of guest blogging is getting more and more popular among blogging and seo community. But till date, there are very few bloggers and search engine optimizers who use guest blogging effectively to promote their blogs and websites. Most of them would use classic search engine optimization techniques like submitting into high PR general and business directories, article submissions, social bookmarking, being active on discussion forums and commenting on other blogs. So guest blogging has still long way to go. But these days all major search engines seem to be giving more weight-age to contextual links and with guest blogging you can achieve the same. So I’m hoping, soon more people will start including guest blogging into their contextual link building programs.

When a guest post is published on a blog, it gives lots of benefits to the blog owner and guest blogger. But today post will remain focused around the benefits guest bloggers get out of guest posting. Here I’m sharing top 5 benefits of doing guest blogging:

1. High Quality Backlinks

The most important benefit why I’m giving too much stress on guest blogging is because we are able to get lots of high quality and seo optimized backlinks for our websites and blogs through guest blogging. And we all know we need relevant and keyword rich backlinks to get high rankings for targeted terms in search engines and for improving page rank for targeted pages from our websites. When we are able to get into top 10 for targeted terms for our business, we will have more business oriented traffic and thus more revenue for us from our websites.

2. Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Another benefit you will get for publishing guest posts on top blogs in your niche is the targeted traffic. You can drive lots of high quality targeted traffic to your website through guest blogging. You can expect few clicks to thousands of visitors to your website with a single guest post depending upon your writing still and the popularity of blog you are submitting guest post on. We need to pay hundreds of dollars to get some targeted visitors to our website though various PPC programs, but with guest blogging we are getting all that for free. All we need is write some high quality guest posts around our website niche and publish them in the form of guest posts on top blogs in our website niche.

3. You Will Become Famous

When your high quality guest posts starts publishing, you will become famous among blog owners for whom you are doing guest blogging and their blog readers. With guest blogging, readers on other blogs will start knowing about you, your knowledge and your websites. So overall you will feel more popularity as a result of doing guest posts. This will help you establish yourself as authority writer and website owner in your niche.

4. Improved Writing Skills

When you write guest posts, you would like to give your best efforts as other blog owners and their readers will be able to know about your knowledge about the topic you are blogging about through your guest post. So when you send your guest post to a blogger for publishing, you would like to make sure, it’s a high quality guest post, which is free from any kind of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation related errors. Every sentence in your guest post should make sense and your guest post should have something interesting for all i.e. for beginners as well as for advanced readers. If blog owners like your guest posts, they would love you write more guest posts for their blogs. So look at ways to improve your writing skills to a level where other bloggers in your niche invites you for guest blogging on their blogs.

5. More Subscribers to Your Blog

Apart from high quality backlinks and targeted traffic, you will be able to increase your subscriber’s count though guest blogging. If people like your expertise over your niche, there is every chance they will subscribe to your blog RSS feed. They can take additional actions like become fan of your Facebook Page and starts following you on Twitter etc. So you can expect increase in your blog or website subscribers count in different dimensions with guest blogging.

There will be many more benefits that I missed mentioning in this post, if you know any additional benefit or advantage of guest blogging, share in the comments section below.

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