Top 10 SEO WordPress plugins blogger needs, do we?

I was looking for some SEO related WordPress plugins for my blog lately. Thinking that there might be some new SEO WordPress plugins available that might help increase traffic. It turns out most of the existing SEO WordPress plugins still topping the chart for the most SEO favorable plugins. Now let’s check out which SEO WordPress plugins that you already installed or have been missing.

The first SEO WordPress plugin definitely belongs to All in One SEO Pack. This is the all time favorite for me and I think for most bloggers too. The plugin contains lots of features including canonical URLs, fine tune page navigational links, built in API, SEO integration, nonce security, automatically optimize titles for search engines, generates META tags automatically and many more.

The second SEO WordPress plugin is Google Sitemap Generator. This is also one of the plugins that I’ve been using for some time. The plugin generates XML sitemap which help search engines to index your blog better. The plugin notifies major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask every time you publish a new post.

The third SEO WordPress plugin is SEO Friendly Images. Whenever I upload an image to my blog, I try to give it a good title so that search engine might capture it. This plugin automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. You blog will gain more exposure if you have lots of images uploaded.

The fourth SEO WordPress plugin is Simple Tags. I never did use tags until lately I found this plugin. The plugin is able to tags and link tags for all the post that I’ve written automatically.

The fifth SEO WordPress plugin is Antisocial. This plugin basically is adding nofollow to links that shouldn’t get credit.

The sixth SEO WordPress plugin is Redirection. This plugin is very useful when you’re migrating pages form an old site or blog. It also served the same when there are changes within directories during WordPress installation. The plugin basically manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors and tidy up any loose ends of your blog. This plugin helps in maintaining the connection that you built when making changes to your blog or fine tune your blog.

The seventh SEO WordPress plugin is Sitemap Generator Plugin. This plugin basically creates sitemap that is visible and clickable for visitors. You can create a customized sitemap by having it categorize, multi-page generation, permalink support, post dates and many more. You can do it all form the option page at WordPress admin panel. I always wanted to add a visible sitemap to my blog but did not find a suitable plugin until now. You’ll see a sitemap page in this blog soon.

The eighth SEO WordPress plugin is Related Entries. This plugin basically list out related previous post based on keyword matching. It helps your readers in finding additional related content that might interest them. It makes your blog more users friendly.

The ninth SEO WordPress plugin is Automatic SEO Links. This plugin helps to insert links to the word within the post. This plugin comes in handy when you forgot to place a link to a particular word. It will search and insert the links to all the word matches in the post. It is also very useful when you’re trying to change links within several post.

The tenth SEO WordPress plugin is Broken Link Checker. This plugin monitor for broken links and notified on blog dashboard. In times, some of the links that you place in post might go down. Instead of leading your readers into a dead end page, you can update the links or direct them back to the blog main page.

That’s the top 10 SEO WordPress plugin that I think we should consider install. Some of the plugins above is new to me and I’ll try installing it and giving it a try. What is your top 10 list of SEO WordPress plugin? Feel free to share it. This post is meant to search for the best SEO WordPress plugins available.



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4 Responses to “Top 10 SEO WordPress plugins blogger needs, do we?”

  1. christian says:

    currently i got 20 plugin already it’s good thing i stumble your site now i need to add the most important plugin some of your list are not yet on my list

  2. Topmaker says:

    You have some good ones there Kumo,
    Here is my list:

    I’ve dropped All-in-One and replaced it with HeadSpace 2,try it and you will find out why!

  3. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. MarkTheGlobe says:

    Another great tool is the WP-Cumulus tag cloud plugin.