Tips for Claiming Business Address at Google Place Page for Google Maps

Previously I discussed about claiming business address at Google Place Page for Google Maps in my post title “Prepare Year End Holiday Business with Google Places”. It’s a simple step but the effects can be great if you do it correctly as this is how people find your business online. Plus it’s free to claim your Google Place Page. The free listing is an important way for local business owners to open up new potential customers online. In order to help users setup a clear and effective business listing, Google is providing tips and guides in three part blog series at Google Lat Long Blog. The first part of the article is title “Tips for creating a free business listing in Google Places: Business listing title”

The article explains that user needs to accurately list the basic business information with a clean and easy to read title. The business listing title must match the business name used in the real world. Be sure to check out Google Places quality guidelines to prevent listing suspension. The main goal is to get the business name appear in Google search results. You don’t have to get too fancy about the title and description. The article also includes some examples on how to include specific information like descriptions, keywords, location names, phone numbers, websites, capitalization and punctuation. The examples provided are compilation of the most common mistakes users did. Be sure to study carefully in order to make your listing appear in Google search results.

P/S: A small careful and detail tune which results in the appearance of your business information on Google search results can bring in more business that you can imagine. So why not take the time to do it carefully. Besides you just have to do it once as long as there are no changes in your business information.



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2 Responses to “Tips for Claiming Business Address at Google Place Page for Google Maps”

  1. Dave says:

    Those so called “blended” results are very useful because appear before position 1 of SERP and can bring a lot of traffic for the business. As an SEO, this is the first and the easiest thing to be done to start getting traffic and high placement.

  2. Vicki says:

    Providing local results within organic search is beneficial to people and businesses. Kudos to Google for integrating.