Tips and Guides from Google for Creating High Quality sites

As Google starting to upgrade and change the search algorithm, it is time to seriously consider building your blog or website with good quality content. If you are planning to make money online via blogging and creating website for long term purpose, you should focus on SEO white hat and creating high quality site. How do we define and determine high quality site and good quality content? Honestly, I think there is no actual spec for high quality site or good quality content. It is all based on the needs and requirement of readers or viewers. And of cause the so call guideline set by Google. Obviously Google will not reveal the guideline in details because people might just manipulate the guideline or play by the rules in order to get to the top of the search engine results. But we do get a brief description from Google about how high quality site and good quality content should look like. Check out the blog post title “Tips for creating high quality sites” from Google Inside Adsense blog. Below are three of the suggestions listed in the blog post:

  • Don’t create multiple pages or sites with duplicate content
  • Provide content that gives users a reason to visit, and return, to your site
  • Provide the information or service promised

Does it sound a bit too brief? In fact I think it is too general and most publishers already know these simple tips right from the beginning. I would suggest skipping this part and try looking at the results directly. In other words, find out those blogs and websites which starting to gain lots of traffic due to the effect of Google algorithm change. Study and compare it with your blog or website. The answer or solution lies within. You may also skip all the trouble of finding the answer by just doing one simple thing. Just try to be as detail and precise as possible when creating content. One of the best example sites is Wikipedia. I’m sure you will gain lots of benefits just by applying the way the site creates content.



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