The Right way to Build Backlinks

As a blogger, one of the most important actions other than writing good quality content is building backlinks. Building backlinks can be very boring as the process is the same and repeated. If you do a search on building backlinks, you’ll find lots of website offering different ways to generate backlinks fast. Some of the services are free and some required payment. Regardless of which method we use to build backlinks, there are some basic important factors we need to keep in mind. Building backlinks correctly will receive good results with minimum effort and time spends. Below are some of the important points:

  • Build few good quality links rather than tons of low quality links. It will be best to get backlinks from blogs with same or higher page rank.
  • Forget link exchange strategy and go with old fashion link baiting through Good quality content and commenting. (Thus I’m removing my link exchange page)
  • Get listed in online directories and bookmarking website related to your topic. Some online directories required minimum fees and some are difficult to get listed. Online Directory like DMOZ is very difficult to get listed but definitely worth the trouble to get in.

Building backlinks can be as simple as the action listed above. Spending 20~30 minutes every day working on the three points is enough to boost your blog traffic. If you encounter some website offering services by building backlinks base on these simple points, than it’s definitely worth trying out.



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One Response to “The Right way to Build Backlinks”

  1. Andy says:

    Quality over quantity, I think this is the key, but more important is that link building have do be done nearly on daily basis, as this is one of the most important factor for achieving high rankings in Google.