The Relationship between content and traffic when it comes to make money online

When it comes to make money online via blogging, content and traffic are two of the most important things we need to focus on. Do a research online and you’ll find that those who claim that they make money online successfully are investing a lot of money, time and effort on content and traffic. But if you think about it carefully, which is more important? What actually makes it possible to make money online? In other words, if you are only allow to choose either content or traffic, which one do you think has a greater chances in hitting the jackpot of money making opportunities online?

What is content? Content is the things that you write at your blog. It doesn’t require any format or method to produce content. You can basically write it any way you like. But bear in mind that you need to consider readers and search engines when producing your blog content. Readers and search engines will be affected by the things that you write. If you are able to produce good content, you will be able to capture readers’ attention. You might be able to persuade readers to purchase products or services from your blog. Your readers will grow in numbers if your content is informative, entertaining and persuasive. Well written content is able to convert readers into customers or buyers.

What is traffic? Traffic is the number of visitors that drop by your blog. A part of creating good quality content is to attract more traffic. People will start spreading the news about a good blog they found by sharing the link on social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Search engines will rank the blog well making it much easier for people to discover the blog. Having good quality content will automatically generate traffic slowly. The greater the amount of traffic gain, the greater the amount of money you can make.

Content itself does not generate income. In fact, content alone will not help to make money if nobody knows and read about it. I will say traffic is much more important than content. You are able to make money online if you are able to generate lots of traffic. The best example is having lots of social network users in Facebook or Twitter. You can sell traffic to anybody who wishes to promote links, products or services.

If your main interest is to make money online blogging, don’t put too much effort into creating content. Focus on producing lots of traffic to your blog. Once you start making money, invest some of the money you earn into create high quality content. It is much harder to create good quality content than to generate lots of traffic. So leave the hard work to professional by hiring them. The work of generating lots of traffic to your blog is much easier but requires hard work. Some of the hard work examples that you can do are blog commenting, participating in forums and expanding social network such as Facebook, Google Hangout and Twitter.

P/S: I’m saying traffic is important when it comes to make money online because it is people that we are dealing with. It is the same as promoting products to thousands of people. You will start making money even though the conversion rate is low as long as you are able to generate high amount of traffic.



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