The Question of Enable Blog Comment or Not

The question of enabling blog comment or not has been bugging me for some time. It is said that blogs which receive lots of comments gain benefits in SEO and increases traffic. Well, how true is this statement? Can a blog receive huge amount of traffic without enabling comment feature? In terms of money making opportunities online, traffic and content is couple of things that matter most. If we are able to produce great content and generate lots of traffic, we can just ignore comment feature and disable it. After so many years of posting and blogging, I begin to question if it is necessary to enable blog comment.

The first thing that I witness when comment feature is enabled is the number of readers which actually take the time to read my blog and comment. From the comments received I can tell the type of readers, characteristics and spamming activities. It is indirectly reflects the type of traffic your blog or website is pulling. Occasionally you’ll get some good comments from readers or bloggers who links to their blog which worth repay back comments. But this has been crowded by increasing numbers of spam comments. Although we have Akismet to help remove spam comments, it is not enough to prevent spam comments from getting through.

When there is comment, we need to read through and reply. This takes time. Especially when you are getting lots of comments, you’ll be spending lots of time dealing with comments. Lots of comments are good because this shows people are actually reading your blog and paying attention. Interaction between you and the readers creates a circle of online social network which generates revisit activities. As readers and comments increases, more time will be spend in catching up with each other. It will reach a point that you have to decide how much time you need to spend on dealing with comments. Remember that time is precious and you need to take care of the content and traffic. You have to think if blog comments are worth spending your time. If blog comments do not contribute to your content or traffic, just let it go. There are lots of methods which can help to generate good quality content and building traffic. We cannot make use of all the methods because time is limited. We just have to choose some of the best methods that are suitable, and that includes blog comment.

P/S: There are lots of successful blogs that makes a lot of money without enabling blog comment. You just have to figure it out if your blog or website really needs comments.



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