The best 3 ways to generate traffic

In order to make money online successfully, we have to work on content and traffic constantly. Creating good quality content is equally important as generating traffic. Keeping a balance between creating content and generating traffic is able to produce maximum effect. Thus we often read about articles or blog posts about ways to create good quality content and ways to generate lots of traffic. These are the hot topics that bloggers often talk about and discuss. If you did a research on the topics above, you will discover that methods of creating good quality content are almost the same. The methods do not change over time. But if you compare and take a look at ways to generate traffic, it changes over time due to users’ behavior and the upgrade of search engine algorithm. Thus it is a bit tricky when we are trying to work on the traffic. In order to generate traffic effectively, we have to study the methods from time to time. Below are some of the methods that I think are the most effective in generating traffic, at least for now.

Guest Posting

This is the best way to generate traffic but is not easy to carry out. It is very important that you choose blogs that are reputed and have better search ranking. In order to guest post successfully, you must first creates good quality article. Of cause the topics of your blog and the guest posting article must be related, and so does the blog that you choose to guest posting.

Create YouTube Video clips

Do a search using Google search engine and you will find that Google has make rooms for YouTube videos in their search results. I’m sure you have notice couple of YouTube videos can be seen at the first page of search results. If you are good in creating good quality video clips, you might be able to capture a spot in the search engine result using YouTube video clip. And YouTube video is also one of the best ways to generate traffic from smartphone and tablet device.

Social network site

Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are some of the most popular social network sites in the world. As there are so many people using them, it is obvious that we can make use of the sites to generate traffic. Furthermore we can attract and gather fans specifically that are interested in the topic of our blog or site. No doubt it is a very powerful tool to generate traffic.

Currently the above methods mention above is the best and suitable ways to generate traffic. Due to the changes of Google search algorithm, the introduction of panda and penguin effect, we have to be careful when placing our links. Especially if you are thinking about submitting articles to article directory, it might not be a good idea. Low quality blogs or websites that uses your articles with links to your site will do more harm than generating traffic to your site.



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