Spottt Free Link Exchange Review

spottt free link exchangeI’ve been testing out Spottt Free Link Exchange for more than a month and decided to give a review about it. Overall I did not play around much with Spottt Free Link Exchange. All I did was sign up, upload my 125×125 JPEG image, install Spottt widget into my blog, wait for approval and just let it run. It’s pretty much easy with not much configuration and setting to play with. You are able to include as many blog as you can. Each blog will serve as an individual and you are not allowed to exchange credits between each blog. The widget provided can be added into WordPress, Blogger and MySpace.

So how does Spottt Free Link Exchange works? Basically you’ll need to earn credits in order for your 125×125 image to be shown at other site. Every page view on your site with Spottt widget on will earn you 4 credits. As your site earn enough credits, it will be use to pay for showing your 125×125 image on other site. Currently you need 5 credits to do that as the earn/spend ratio is 4:5. After few month of testing out Spottt Free Link Exchange, below is a statistic results from one of my blog for the last 30 days.

Credit earned: 7,217 credits
Image shown: 3,619 times on other sites and got 1 click. (0.02763%)

Basically that’s how this free link exchange works. The question is how can we improve this figure? How can we turn this free link exchange service to work more effectively? Base on the information collected, there is couple of things that we can do.

1)    Increase the site traffic, any traffic will do as long as it consider as page viewed. This will increase the number of your 125×125 image shown at other site.
2)    Remove the Spottt that is not suitable for your site. Just go to “My Spottts” and click on “Sites I trade with”. This section will show all the sites that you could trade traffic with. You just need to check each and every one of the site and remove those consider not suitable. I know it’s a lot of work as there are tons of sites in the list. They just don’t have the feature that allows you to select the site to trade. It’s just elimination but no selection.

Spottt Free Link Exchange might not as effective as it seems but the key is to find a way to make full use of it. Perhaps maybe combination of other free link exchange service and Spottt Free Link exchange might work out. We just have to find the right combination.

P/S: Unfortunately Spottt is no longer available.



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  1. cloaking says:

    Great analysis, 3,619 times with 1 click.That not a good sight.
    It tell us we should work harder to make our banner “stand out”.