Social Bookmarking Traffic and Money Making Opportunities

There are two important things when pursuing blogging as money making opportunities. First is writing unique quality content which people are interested. Second is to draw as much traffic to the blog. Bloggers need to work on both content and traffic simultaneously in order to achieve best results. Although you may choose to only focus on creating good quality content and let search engine work on the traffic, the results might not be as good as you expected. Traffic can increase drastically if you spare some time work on other resources to draw more attention. One of the methods is making full use of social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is actually a method which allows users to bookmark their favorite websites or blogs online. Usually when we are using Windows Explorer or Firefox, we are able to bookmark our favorite website or blog easily into our own browsers. Whenever we launched our browser we are able to visit our favorite website or blogs just by a click. In the case of social bookmarking we are allowed to store the same information online instead of just in our own browsers. Social bookmarking allows us to keep in touch with our favorite website or blog without even using our own laptop, all we need is a PC that goes online. We can also share our bookmarking with our friends easily.

Social bookmarking is actually a convenient method to store your favorite links online. It is also a method to promote our blog or website to attract more traffic, especially from search engine. Take for example if your blog or website is listed in a social bookmarking website, the link will be introduce not just to all the members in the social bookmarking website but will also capture by search engine spiders. The higher page rank the social bookmarking website has, the higher exposure your blog or website gain. You may try search your blog at search engine using own blog title or link address. You’ll find some search results which are under popular social bookmarking website with your blog title and description within. If you created a page for your blog under social bookmarking Facebook, you’ll find a search result of Facebook page with your blog. Imagine if you’re able to list your blog at 100 social bookmarking website, you’ll gain lots of exposure at search engine and thus increase the amount of traffic to your blog.

In order to gain more traffic, it is advice to submit your blog to as many social bookmarking website as possible. The work of submitting your blog to each and every social bookmarking website is actually a very troublesome work. There are lots of auto submission software and website available but still I think it is best to do it manually. Honestly, if you’re able to submit your blog to at least 5 social bookmarking website per day, it is considered good enough. That’s about 150 social bookmarking website per month. Be sure to fill up blog title, link, description and tags the same for all submission.

Here’s a website with more than 1000 social bookmarking website list for you to work on:



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3 Responses to “Social Bookmarking Traffic and Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Dave says:

    Social bookmarking can definitely bring nice amount of traffic to website or a blog. Depending on the niche, this traffic can convert pretty well. It is a nice way of getting more traffic for free.

  2. Gin vine says:

    social bookmarking is one of the best tactic in bringing your site to the highest traffic. Honestly, learning the best guide line in marketing can bring your site the highest rank and traffic.. thanks for the post

  3. Tutor Jobs says:

    Social bookmarking really a great way to get more traffic tos the site and helps to improve rankings.