Simple ways to get Traffic to your blog with Twitter

I’ve been playing around with Twitter for some time and I think Twitter is the next big thing online after Facebook. There is lots of information online regarding methods to make full use of Twitter for advertising, marketing and making money. It is true that Twitter has big potential but what I’m looking for is a simple proper way to use it for a long term basis. Ways that can help promote my blog and gives quality values to my followers. Here’s what I’m going to do with my Twitter.

  1. Provide useful tips for my followers. It’s not just about tips on money making opportunities, but I’ll be more focus on advice, Quotes, phrase and thoughts to improve our life. Topics that I feel important to our daily life for example love, work, relationship and many more. It’s going to be more a less like the book “The Secret”, giving out positive thinking as well.
  2. Produce a good image with tweeter. I hate it when people uses twitter to spam for sales every single minute. I don’t suppose you like to see the whole page of your twitter fill with the same person tweets with different sales page. We are supposed to build good image and identity with twitter. If people hate what you tweet, I don’t suppose they will like what you blog.
  3. Check and answer your Direct Messages. If it’s not spam, please reply to the direct messages. Twitter is considered as a social network. You just have to treat it just like Mybloglog or Facebook. You still need to interact with those that come in contact with you. People will listen to you when you listen to them.

I try to be consistent with my tweets but I think better to tweet when I have something good to say. Please follow me on Twitter. Thanks.



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6 Responses to “Simple ways to get Traffic to your blog with Twitter”

  1. Corvus says:

    I have been running one corporate blog, and might be running another soon. I was originally wary of Twitter’s ability to drive traffic, but I’m turning into a believer now. For certain products/brands, I think you need to focus on what the customers do in their personal lives to create content as well as how they interact with the brand.

  2. Melvin says:

    Well twitter reputation builds over time and I dont think these tips are applicable as well for those who were just starting out..

  3. Kumo says:

    If you’re just starting off, the only thing that you can make up with the time is effort. A short cut to success is also a short cut to failure. It is true that twitter reputation builds over time. That’s the value the we created and only that it worth something. As for starters, you just have to build it one step at a time.

  4. I haven’t thought about that. But I guess you are right Twitter is the next big thing online and I certainly agree that it can in a way earn us money from using it.

  5. Your tips on how to get traffic to my blog using Twitter are amazing. Can you post an entry about using Facebook as a tool to attract traffic into a site?

  6. Kumo says:

    Sure. I’m still collecting info on how to make full use of Facebook. I’ll publish the post once I finish with the study.