Simple Search Engine Information you need to Increase Traffic Fast

There are two things that I’m always concern when blogging. First is the content and second is the traffic. The best way to produce a good content is to write more, study more and research more. It’s the hard work of giving it more which produces a better content. As for the traffic, it’s a nonstop continues research for a better way to get more traffic.

Speaking of traffic, here are couple of sites that I like to share. The first website is Google Trends and the second website is Yahoo Today’s Top 20 Overall Searches. Both of these websites provides very important information on updated searches. In other words we get to know what people are searching for daily. I suppose some of you already make full use of these 2 websites. Both of these websites provides the search information from the world top 2 search engines. Once we get to know what people are searching for and the keywords that people are using for the searches, we can pretty much predict the current hot topics.

Here’s what I have in mind that I’ll try out. I’m not sure but I think I might be able to get some fast traffic using this method. First we need to collect the keywords that are being search of the last 7 days using both the website above. Base of the keywords we then compare it to the latest trend or news that has been happening lately. The combination of information might give us some clue on what’s being search or discuss online. Once we figure this out next is to construct related topic and write about it. Of cause the post needs to include popular keywords that are being search. I’m sure most of the topic will be very commonly discuss about online and probably we might just be repeating the same thing. You can make it unique by doing some research online and combine all the information you found. Rewrite the post using your own words and include your own opinion. Just spend couple of hours doing this and you’ll have yourself a unique post with current hot topic.

P/S: You may try it out and see if it works. Please share your experience if you try it out.



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  1. That sure is one way to increase traffic. But do be careful with rewriting. There are still many blogger who tend to just copy and paste everything which is in fact stealing. Or for instance would change a few lines and will leave the others the way it was. Hopefully not all would do this. But hey, thanks for the details. I think I just got an idea.